A business brought about from years of practical experience in owning and operating a large number of 4 x 4 UTV vehicles for short term hire and rent – all under the name of Golfbuggyhire Ltd.

Having now sold what became a hugely successful short term event hire business and one that was so pleasingly awarded the Queen’s Royal Warrant, Martin Wickes, Lynne and their team are looking to offer a range of UTV accessories for the sole purpose of making a UTV or vehicle far more useful.

The Team

Martin Wickes

A creative mind that continues to think outside of the box and only ever intends to deliver a product and service to be totally proud of...

Lynne Wickes

A truly important part of the team and one that loves things to be well organised.

Originally born in South Africa Lynne still has that lovely distinctive tone to her voice.


Dave joined UTV products in Spring 2014 as "Professor of Innovation". A role he is so proven and capable of being able to deliver the goods when required.

Superbly skilled when working with fibreglass, metal or paint and only ever wants to deliver quality.

Dave loves his motorbikes although you would not think so as he can be seen driving his transit more…….(with bike tethered in the back just in case)