UTV-204, 72 watt twin row CREE light bar



Manufactured as a rugged and compact LED light bar - fitted with 24 x 3w CREE led capable of operating from  either 12 or 24 volts dc whilst delivering an impressive 72w / 6000 lumen of light power. 

If using 12v supply the current draw is only 4.8A.

Flood light beam pattern gives a light angle of 60 degrees and the spot beam similar to a 30 degree light angle. When combined together on one bar they provide a superb coverage.

Light bar comes complete with a pair of adjustable “L” shaped mounting brackets and fixing bolts plus allen key.

Our products are all of high quality manufacture and non as seen on cheap internet sales websites.

Ideal for fitting in the front of a pickup, Land Rover, tractor, excavator, harvesting machine, crop sprayer or UTV.


This 350mm wide lightbar fits great in the centre front bumper of a John Deere Gator XUV855D and also regularly sold for use in the front A frame of a Land Rover Defender.

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