Single row, 300 watt CREE light bar length - 49 inches.

A truly magnificent led light bar and ours are fitted high quality 3D optic lens resulting in a staggeringly crisp bright led light output.

There are four slidable fixing points underneath the light to facilitate easy mounting. It has the advantage of fitting very close to the roof of a vehicle thereby minimising chnaces of branches snagging when off roading or farming..

Suitale for 12 or 24 volt use.

Huge led light output and such high quality of manufacture too

In stock now and fully guaranteed

Any questions then please call Martin on 07834 457621 or office 01606 553109.

Email: martinwickes@utvproducts.co.uk

Other single row led lightbar lengths available 20, 40, 100, 120, 180 watts

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