UTV- FB2 Hydraulic hitch attachment


A fully hydraulic three point hitch with Category 1 link ends that easily mounts to the front or rear of a Kubota RTV with 2” hitch receiver and very quickly changes the vehicle into an extremely useful and productive power unit as opposed to what could be viewed as an expensive runabout with limited applications.

A double acting ram cylinder connects in to the standard fitment Kubota hydraulic rear tapping points giving a powerful 363kgs (800lbs) of lift or down pressure.

Once fitted it gives the Kubota RTV the full work capability it and yourself deserves.

The same hitch can be bolted to the front subframe of the Kubota RTV and is then ideal for use with such as a blade, front brush, yard scraper, pallet tines and many more category one accessories……

Adjustable anti sway chains are an optional choice.

Rear 50mm or jaw hitch can still be used with hitch fitted.

Other Kubota RTV accessories are available from UTVProducts so please browse the pages